WSC, parliament and society links

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Hi everyone
It was a very good council meeting in Edinburgh on 24th March.
The following are things for NSN members to consider:
- If you have any events planned for IYS2015 please get in touch.
- BSSS merchandising is available from Cranfield, including pens, leaflets and golf tees!
- BSSS is looking to become more involved in policy and would like to know of who (and how) to contact members of parliament and the House of Lords.
- Societal links - if anyone can think of how BSSS can link with other societies (e.g. ecology, agriculture...) then please let me or Cranfield know.
- World Congress 2022 committee is formed but needs your support in the run up to this great event. Please consider how you can help.
- Finally, the EJSS needs new photos for the journal cover. If you have photos of soil related science then please contact Margaret Oliver