Welsh Soil Discussion Group (WSDG)

The Welsh Soils Discussion Group (WSDG) is the longest running soil discussion group. It was formed in 1960 with published memoirs from 1960 to 1988. The group became formally affiliated to BSSS in 1990.

The WSDG provides a platform for discussion, networking and knowledge exchange in soil science. It is one of few platforms where scientists, policy makers, land managers - or anyone interested in soil - can meet to share knowledge and ideas.

Wales is a country with a wide range of soil types, terrain, climatic variability and land uses. There is a lot to talk about!

The WSDG meets twice a year, often in Aberystwyth. On occasions, discussion and field meetings are held elsewhere in Wales.   We are also considering joint events with other regional groups. Events can cover everything from soil policy developments in the EC, land management issues and academic research.

Join the group by logging on to your main account on the BSSS website. Once you have joined the group you will automatically receive  email updates for our forthcoming events. We can be contacted directly on WSDG@soils.org.uk.

The group exists for its members. If you have any ideas for formats, talks, speakers, venues, themes, events etc. please get in touch.

Chair: Ian Rugg, Welsh Government

Secretary: Sarah Coe, Natural Resources Wales

Committee member: Dr John Scullion, Aberystwyth University

Committee member:  Prof Bill Adams, Aberystwyth University (Retired)

Committee member:  Dr Russell Young, Aberystwyth University (Retired)

Student rep: Richard Hill, Aberystwyth University