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Dear Midlands Soil Discussion Group Member

If you have received a link to this post on the MSDG website it is because you are considered to be a member of the Midlands Soil Group. We now have a mechanism for communicating with each other. So I hope we can now organise our meetings via this forum, ask questions, post comments regarding meetings etc. Please keep in touch with group developments and there will be a lot more to come over the next few months. Remember it is International Year of Soil this year starting (I believe on 5 December approx.

Best wishes, Barry Rawlins


Hi, as a new member I would like to start by asking for a thread on the behaviour of wet silica sand. I have conducted a lot of research in this area related to greyhound racing surfaces, and would like to discuss my findings. Richard.

Hi Richard. Thanks for the comment. I don't know if anyone on the discussion list had experience of this. Is this more of an engineering type of issue rather than a true soil science question? I am just getting used to the forum and I am not sure how to start a thread. Your topic might be more relevant to a wider audience at National Scale.