SWSDG September social

Dear all,

I hope you are all enjoying whatever the weather is providing for you at the moment and looking forward to any plans you have for the summer. The SWSDG committee would like to invite you to a social event during the day on Saturday September 14th. The intention is to walk from Haytor Visitor Centre to Yarner Wood, with Dr Rob Parkinson of SWSDG enriching our journey with information about the soil and landscape on the way. We hope you will bring your partners and perhaps children (though please bear in mind the walk description below), plus a lunchtime picnic, to make this a relaxed event.

If you are interested, please email me on SWSDG@soils.org.uk before Thursday Aug 8th and state how many adults and how many children (and the children's ages) you plan to bring. This will enable us to best plan the details and I will communicate with you by email after that date to confirm what's what. Please note that the group size for this event may be limited by logistics and so if interest is very great we may have to allocate places on a first come, first served basis.

We hope to see you there,

Event title: Discover the world beneath your feet
Venue: Haytor Visitor Centre to Yarner Wood
Leader: Dr Rob Parkinson
Theme: Soil and how its properties influence the East Dartmoor landscape
Difficulty: Moderate
Clothing: Sturdy walking boots/shoes, appropriate clothing and footwear for the weather – raincoats, long trousers preferable.

Event description: Soils cover most of the earth’s land surface, and are an integral part of our landscape. Although only a thin layer at the earth’s surface, soils exert a strong control on local ecology and patterns of land use. Soils have a number of key environmental functions, including influencing water quality and storing carbon.

Join Rob on a 6km walk, (mostly downhill!) from Haytor Visitor Centre to Yarner Wood to discover the secret world of soil and how its properties influence the ecology, environment and land use of East Dartmoor landscape.