SWSDG news and request for help

Dear all,

Hopefully now it's mid-March you have some flowers blooming around you and blossom on the trees (let's not ponder too long on the wind and rain!).

In soils news, there are several things to tell you about: three upcoming events, an interesting radio programme, and a request for help - people in Cornwall, this is especially for you.


SWSDG events this spring:

- A discussion about erosion on 23rd May in Plymouth, as detailed in a previous email (details here: https://www.soils.org.uk/event/1696);

- Coming up sooner is 'ENGAGING WITH ALL – Soils through the National Nature Reserves' on March 28th near Stroud. Through this event we are keen to engage with both soil fans, and members of the public who may not usually attend a 'soils' event, by showing what the National Nature Reserve network has to offer. Please look here https://www.soils.org.uk/event/1705 for full details. As a bonus, you can earn BASIS CPD points for attendance at this one too!


NEXT TUESDAY (19th March) is the BGS/BSSS Winter Meeting 2019 - Improving grassland performance: managing soil structure and organic matter. See http://www.britishgrassland.com/event/winter-meeting-improving-grassland... for more information.


Some of you involved with agriculture may already have listened to last Saturday's Farming Today (9th March). If you haven't, I strongly suggest that you do so. It's a 25 minute BBC radio programme discussing soils, particularly in agriculture; soil health and how to measure it; and what steps are being taken to look after this precious resource. The programme can be found here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m00035gk


Last but certainly not least, we have been contacted by someone who is looking for a soil scientist to help:


I am Looking for a soil scientist in Cornwall to help in the assessment of damage to soil by a building contractor and suggested remedies.

Please could a member in the south-west get in touch to point me in the right direction.

Gareth Rowe
01637 830938
01872 290413
07889 642143

If you can help Gareth, please contact him directly using the details above.

That's it for now. Happy Spring to you all and we look forward to seeing you at the upcoming events.

Best wishes,
on behalf of the SWSDG committee