South East England Soil Discussion Group (SEESOIL)

SEESOIL (South East England Soil Discussion Group) is a regional networking group for everyone interested in soil science spanning academia to the general public. We aim to provide a broad spectrum of events from social meet-ups  to more formal symposiums. Our philosophy is to provide a platform for discussion, networking and knowledge exchange in soil science. Most importantly we like to hear from our members with new ideas for events and networking opportunities -  so please do get in touch!

Traditionally SEESOIL has hosted 2 meetings a year but we plan to host more frequent events so our members can meet more often and network. The events are usually based in different parts of the region with a focus on a particular topic. Recently we have hosted meetings in Kent, Surrey and Bedfordshire on topics such as soil security and soil under global change. We have also co-sponsored other small meetings within the region.

Join the group by logging on to your main account on the BSSS website. Once you have joined the group you will automatically receive  email updates for our  forthcoming events. We can be contacted directly on

Chair: Vacancy

Vice-chair: Martin Lukac, University of Reading

Secretary: Elena Vanguelova, Forest Research

Committee member: Tom Sizmur, University of Reading

Committee member: Julian Gold, Hendred Farms 

ECR Representative: Emily Dowdeswell-Downey, Cranfield University