South East England Soil Discussion Group

South East England Soil Discussion Group

The South East England Soils Discussion Group (SEESOIL) is a vibrant group.

Dr Jack Hannam, Cranfield University – Chair

Dr Martin Lukac, University of Reading  – Vice Chair

Dr Elena Vanguelova, Forest Research – Tree Planting Coordinator

Dr Tom Sizmur, University of Reading – IYS2015 Coordinator

Julian Gold, Hendred Farms


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reminder: SEESOIL meeting on 7 June

The next SEESOIL meeting is on 7 June at Hendred Farms, Wantage, Oxfordshire. It is hosted by the farm manager Julian Gold.The meeting will be a forum for farmers and researchers to exchange ideas on soil management involving a farm tour and interactive group discussions.

Please register here (free for BSSS members):

For more details please see the attached flyer.

Hope to see you there!

Jack Hannam (SEESOIL Chair)
Julian Gold (meeting organiser and host)

SEESOIL meeting: #FarmSoil – Discussion meeting for farmers and researchers

Event date: 
Thursday, June 7, 2018
Event venue: 
Hendred Farms, Top Buildings, Newbury Road, East Hendred, Wantage, OX12 8LG, United Kingdom
Event description: 

This meeting is an informal forum to bring together farmers and researchers to exchange ideas, research and practices on soil management in agricultural systems.

Hosted by Julian Gold Farm Manager at the Hendred Farm Partnership, the meeting opens at 9:15am with registration and coffee.

The day kicks-off with a farm visit to discuss current trials and experiences. 

The rest of the day will involve interactive discussions (no powerpoint!) based on farmer experiences and results from on-farm trials linked to current academic research in soil management.

The group discussions and activities will focus on two aspects of soil management: soil carbon and nutrient management and everyone is welcome to contribute to the discussions.

Please come prepared to discuss the topics in soil carbon and nutrient management by highlighting examples from farm trials and observations and applied research outcomes.

The event is Free for BSSS members and £15 for non-members (to cover the cost of lunch and refreshments).

Tea/coffee will be provided at registration and lunch is included.

Please note that everyone attending the meeting will need to register in advance to enable us to accurately organise catering and seating.


For further information please contact SEESOIL Chair Jack Hannam or Julian Gold


Event flyer: 

Looking back on March: An Update from Dan

Happy Springtime everyone,

Tunnelling a passageway through the soil, furnishing our beds and borders with elegance and vitality is a floral promise. A promise of longer days, and lighter evenings; a promise to banish the clouds and cast off the rain. This promise, once dormant under thick clods of earth, now stands tall and dainty; a yellow delicacy swaying to the music of Springtime...

Looking back on January: An Update from Dan

Hello everyone,

It feels like just a few days ago that I sat down and wrote my New Year’s ReSOILutions. However, a month has passed already! There’s already a fine film of dust over the Christmas baubles and though we gaze out onto frosty mornings with dreams of summer, we realize that Spring – that season of hope and renewal – will be around soon enough. I hope you’ve had a wonderful January.

BSSS annual meeting on World Soil Day : The 4 per mil initiative

SEESOIL are co-hosting this year's BSSS annual meeting (it is on our patch) on what the ‘4 per 1000’ initiative means for UK soils.
The ‘4 per 1000’ (4 per mil) initiative was launched at the COP21 in 2015, with the aim to slow down the increase in atmospheric concentrations of CO2 by annually increasing global soil organic carbon stocks by 0.4 % per year.
This initiative has sparked a mixed reaction to the feasibility of achieving this, and discussion over what this means for soil management.

Meet a soil scientist at Open Farm Sunday - members needed!

Meet a soil scientist at Open Farm Sunday!

The Society is looking for members to team up with farmers this year for Open Farm Sunday (OFS) to bring soil science to the farm. OFS is an annual open doors, family friendly event for the general public to find out about food and farming. The event is on Sunday 11 June 2017 and participating farms are listed on the OFS website