SEESOIL update

We are delighted to announce the new SEESOIL committee chair will be Harriet Robson from 1 Jan 2019. Congratulations Harriet!

Harriet is a postgraduate researcher at the University of Reading and is in the final stages of her PhD looking at plant-microbe interactions in rhizosphere. She is an enthusiastic soil scientist and has been engaged with the society for a number of years through our regional and national events. Harriet is particularly interested in bridging the gap between soil scientists, farmers, government representatives, consultancies and other interest parties to discuss and learn the theoretical, business and practical applications in creating a sustainable future for soil. She will do a great job!

SEESOIL continues to be supported by the other committee members: Dr Martin Lukac (University of Reading), Dr Elena Vanguelova (Forest Research), Dr Tom Sizmur (University of Reading), Julian Gold (Hendred Farm) and our early career representative Emily Dowdeswell (Cranfield University).

As you know I am stepping down as SEESOIL chair at the end of the year and would like to thank the SEESOIL committee members for their support during my time as chair. I have really enjoyed our engaging events over the last 3 years, meeting old and new SEESOIL members and having the opportunity to represent regional members at BSSS council. But most of all, thank you to all the SEESOIL members that have supported the regional group and attended our events. There will be many more exciting opportunities in the future and I hope to see you all at forthcoming events (as a participant rather than organiser!). We always welcome ideas and feedback, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with me or Harriet (

Best wishes,


Jack Hannam (