REMINDER: ECR Campus Challenge Social at BSSS Annual Conference: It is free and you are invited!

This year, Dan and his team of ECR Reps have planned a special post-conference social for all Early Career Researchers, including all current PhD students and Post-Docs! It’s free and you’re invited!

We know what it can be like after a conference. After a day and a half of enthralling soil science, tunneling into the depths of the underground world, we too often flee back to our cars, our homes and our ‘nine-to-five’ lives (or perhaps for some, ‘nine-to-nine’ lives). A week later, on laundry day, when you’re checking the pockets of your favourite conference clothes (and we all have them), you happen upon a BSSS biro pen, a couple of crinkled business cards and the realization that you never found time to catch up with ‘so-and-so’. (And in a launderette on the other side of the country, ‘so-and-so’ has just realized this, too).

So, this year, you are invited into our special ‘ECR Escape Room’. Will you eventually escape? Yes. Will you return to your desks in one piece? Yes. Will you make it to the laundrette a week later? Yes. But will you also spend a couple of hours after the conference reacquainting with one another, and forging new friendships? Yes.

The ECR Campus Challenge will be like ‘The Escape Room’ (or, in this case, ‘The BSSeScape Room’) and will commence at 2:00pm, after lunch on the 5th September. Please make your way to the George Fox Lecture Theatre (the one you will have been in for the conference). In teams, you’ll face a number of fun, laid-back challenges around the campus, getting you to find out about one another and the work of BSSS ECR Reps along the way.

The event is free to attend, and will be finished by 4pm at the latest! You don’t need to bring anything, just yourself! (In the event of forecasted wet/cold weather, challenges will be re-located inside, but please bring a waterproof and sensible, outdoor clothes).

IMPORTANT: All BSSS ECRs that have registered for both days (or the second day) of the conference are invited. Please register your interest in the Campus Challenge by completing the poll (it's just one question, and won't take more than a minute to complete).

If you have any questions, get in touch with Dan: