Northern Soils Network (NSN)

The Northern Soils Network covers all counties in northern England and bridges the areas covered by the Midlands and Scottish Soil Discussion groups. 

Previous chairs of the group have been high profile, active soil scientists including Prof. Phil Haygarth, Prof. John Quinton and Dr. Peter Shanahan. 

Field and indoor meetings have focused on a range of soil-related issues involving both academic and private sector practitioners in the northern area.

The north of England has a wide-ranging soil resource reflecting, in part, its diverse geology, climate and landscape history.  Soils vary from those of rich agricultural land to challenging urban soils with localised areas of contamination.  Historical land uses such as mining, manufacturing and urban development have left relics of degraded soils. 

Many soil scientists in the group have contributed significantly to managing these issues including reclamation of contaminated land, impacts of flooding, peatland restoration, and links between soil and water quality. 

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