SSDG student representative

Phd student Marianne Kuntz ( has agreed to take on the role of student representative for the SSDG. Marianne is in her second year and has this to say about her thesis:

"I focus on GHG emissions from Scottish agricultural soils and aim at investigating the relationship between soil organic matter/ C sources and denitrification. Up to now, I have altered SOM quality and availability as well as the location of OM in lab experiments and quantified denitrification using stable isotopes. I’m jointly supervised and funded by the University of Aberdeen (Liz Baggs, Paul Hallett and Nick Morley) and the Scotland’s Rural College (Christine Watson)."

Marianne's role will be to communicate with students doing soils and soil-related courses, to encourage them to attend and participate at regional group events (and to encourage them to join the Society if they have not already done so!).