David Vanner Crawford 1920-2005

Originally published in the July 2006 edition of the Membership Newsletter (No.40)

David Vanner Crawford (1920-2005)

David was the last current Hon. Member of the Society having been both a founder member and a long-standing Council member.

Born in Madras, India, David was the second of four brothers to be schooled at Edinburgh Academy.  His first degree, B.Sc. was awarded from Oxford University and it was there that he was first employed as a soil surveyor in the Dept. of Soil Science.  His first surveys focused on soils within the Cotswolds.   In 1946, David moved to be a Research Assistant in the Agriculture Dept. at Leeds University, a post he held for 3 years before moving to the University of Nottingham School of Agriculture.  He remained within that establishment for 35 years until he retired as Senior Lecturer in 1984.

His PhD thesis, awarded in 1960, was for a thesis on the “Effects of microorganisms on the mobility of inorganic constituents of  podzolic soils”.  His support to the Society (27 years as Secretary and, in his retirement, editor of the Journal for 4 years) was immense.