Annual Conferences

2018 Soils and Sustainable Development Goals - Lancaster University, September 4th - 5th.

2017 UK '4 per mil' Debate - Royal College of Physicians, London - 5th December

2016 Soil, Security and Society, University of Reading, September 7th to 8th

2015 Celebrating a New Era for British Soil Science, Royal College of Physicians, London, 26th November

2014 Delving into the Dark - emerging techniques, approaches and tools for soils research, Mancester University, September 3rd - 4th.

2013 Soil science and Biogeochemistry: A Journey Through Space and Time, Lancaster University, September 3rd to 5th.

2012 Soil Science and Food Security, Nottingham University, Sutton Bonnington Campus, September 4th to 5th.

2011 Soils and Ecosystem Services: The Challenges for Science, Management and Policy, Royal Geographical Society, London, July 19th to 20th.