STUDENT WANTED! Soil Organisms and Pollutants and their Consequences for Human Health

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The Rank Prize Funds
Mini-Symposium on
Soil Organisms and Pollutants and their Consequences for Human Health
15th to 18th May 2017
The Wordsworth Hotel, Grasmere

Professor Margaret Oliver (Editor-in-chief of EJSS) would like to nominate a student to give a presentation and attend this conference (details below). If you are interested, please contact Phil Haygarth ( before the end of Thursday 3rd November.

Notes for Junior Speakers

The Trustees' Advisory Committee on Nutrition is arranging a series of symposia on topics that are of current interest. Next year we intend to organise a mini-symposium on Soil Organisms and Pollutants and their Consequences for Human Health which will be held at The Wordsworth Hotel, Grasmere, Cumbria, England, from 15th to 18th May 2017.

The aim of the meeting is to provide a forum in which leading scientists and young research workers can meet and interact, in order to stimulate discussion and to advance the development of the subject. Attendance is by invitation only and will be limited to about 30 participants. The main speakers will have about 40 minutes for their talk and related discussion and the young scientists will be allocated 20 minutes to give an account of their work. The value of these symposia lies in their small, fully interactive nature, not only during the presentations and discussion, but at other times over meals, in the hotel bar and during recreational periods. This value is diminished if delegates arrive late, or leave early, and therefore it is expected that all participants will be prepared to attend for the entire meeting, i.e. from the evening of Monday 15th to lunch-time on Thursday 18th.

We should like to invite you to give a short paper. The Rank Prize Funds will pay for all local expenses, including full accommodation charges in the hotel and standard class rail travel. Receipts will be required by the auditors for all expenses. As we are a registered charity, we request that all participants book their travel early and purchase the best possible fares. For overseas delegates we can make a small contribution towards airfares of up to GBP100 towards European fares and GBP150 towards long-haul fares. The hotel is situated in the heart of the English Lake District; the hotel's ambience and cuisine are of the highest standard. Further details of the hotel can be seen on the hotel website:

As an incentive, the organising committee will be offering a prize of £500 for the best short paper by a younger speaker. Although there will be no published proceedings, a book of abstracts will be compiled for the participants. Short abstracts (up to a side of A4) will be required and a reminder will be sent to you in due course.


Antibiotic resistances in soil, origin, fate and dynamics
Professor Jim Tiedge (Michigan State University)

Catchment scale studies of AMR and transmission from environment to humans
Dr Will Gaze (University of Exeter)

Fate, effects and risks of human and veterinary medicines in the soil environment
Professor Alistair Boxall (University of York)

Soil and the environmental transmission of prion diseases
Professor Joel Pedersen (University of Wisconsin)

Whole cell biosensors for potential health effects of bioaerosols
Professor Simon Jackson (University of Plymouth)

Inhalation and ingestion of heavy metals: their pathways into the body and effects on human health Professor Erik Smolders (University of Leuven, Belgium)

Impacts and incidence of soil-borne pathogens and parasites: an ecological perspective
Dr Simon Jeffery (Harper Adams University)

Pesticide fate processes in soil and their consequences for human exposure
Professor Gary Bending (University of Warwick)

Nanoparticles in soil and effects on human health
Dr David Spurgeon (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, University of Lancaster)

New methods for sourcing pharmaceutical products from soil
Professor Sean Brady (Rockefeller University)

Overview of soil and human health
Professor Margaret Oliver (Reading)