Hello from the SSDG chair

Dear members of the Scottish Soils Discussion Group,

It's been a long time with no Discussion! Apologies for this. I thought that with the nights drawing in, it would be a good time to get you all fired up and talking about soil. I've been in discussion with Jenny Jones of the Northern Soil Network about co-hosting an event in Newcastle early next year, on the topic of peat soils. It would be good to get your thoughts on this or any other types of meetings that you would like to see happening.

The BSSS central office highlighted a potentially interesting event to me, and suggested I share it with you: the British Science Association is holding a Culture Shock event in London on the 17th of November, looking at the effects on people of working and interacting with different cultural environments. Please have a look at the BSA's web pages for more details.

Finally, this is just a general plea for you to send me any thoughts or suggestions on what you would like to see the SSDG doing, to promote soil science in Scotland and to help you engage with others in this area. Happy thinking!

Matt Aitkenhead