Royal Agricultural University announces a new initiative will help veterans move into careers in rural sector

16th January 2019

A national networking platform to help ex-forces personnel looking to move into careers in the rural sector - and their future employers - is to be launched in Gloucestershire.

Known as “The Rural List Cirencester” and associated with The Liquid List - a well-established veterans’ networking series - it will develop into monthly events at the Royal Agricultural University (RAU) for both veterans and employers from across the rural economy.

Big Bay: Soil and Ecosystem Development in Southland, New Zealand

14th January 2019

BSSS Member Professor Phil Haygarth (Lancaster University, United Kingdom) recently participated in a Field Research Expedition to Big Bay in Southland, New Zealand along with colleagues Leo Condron (LIncoln University, New Zealand), Ben Turner (Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Republic of Panama), Alan Richardson (CSIRO, Australia) and Andrew Wells (Lincoln University, New Zealand).