#WhenSoilsTurnBlack: Photo contest on Black Soils

6th November 2017

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in the framework of the Global Soil Partnership has recently inaugurated the International Network of Black Soils (INBS) and decided to organize and launch a photo contest on black soils called “When Soils turn Black”. This activity is included in a package of initiatives organized for World Soil Day 2017 celebrations.

Black soils are of particular global importance due to their relevance for food security and climate change. They cover about 916 million hectares worldwide, about 7% of the world’s ice-free land surface, and are identified by a thick, dark-colored, humus. However, these soils are prone to severe degradation such as erosion, soil organic carbon loss, dehumification, salinization or sodification, and can suffer from soil acidity. 

As a consequence, some of these extraordinary soils may not be around for future generations, so let’s recognize and protect them now! They can be found in sparse amounts around the world… We’d like organization/individuals to send us inspiring and captivating photos of black soils you know or visited by 13 November 2017 to world-soil-day@fao.org.

Photos can include, for example, soil profiles, panoramic or detail photos, but also project photos with people working in the field, local population, children playing with black soils, artistic photos…

Winners will receive soil related gadgets and a FAO certificate. In addition, their photos will be given public recognition: They will be published on the FAO website with the copyright of the institute/person who took them and used for the first ever published Black Soils’ photo calendar, together with an article featuring the winning pictures in the framework of the World Soil Day.