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5th March 2015

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Dan H. Yaalon & S. Berkowicz (Editors)

History of Soil Science

- International Perspectives -

Advances in GeoEcology 29

ISBN 978-3-923381-40-1, US ISBN 1-59326-237-X

list price EUR 135.00, special rate EUR 67.50

The book presents a wideranging perspective on the history of soil science comprising a collection of 22 papers. Following an overview on the main paradigms, developments of the concepts of humus, classifi­cation of soil types and soil series usage are treated in specific chapters. Some selected topics on the history of soil chemistry and soil physics are treated in detail. A number of articles deal with regional aspects of soil science and the contribution of some outstanding personalities from the 18th to the 20th centuries. This is the first original history in soil science in the English language. 

Julia Krümmelbein, Rainer Horn & Marcello Pagliai (Editors)

Soil Degradation

Advances in GeoEcology 42

ISBN 978-3-923381-59-3, US ISBN 1-59326-263-9

list price 149.00 EUR, special rate 74.50 EUR

¼ Eight contributions deal with scale dependent processes of soil degrada­tion from micro- to macroscale and they also describe the interactions between soil particles and chemistry on soil strength.

The rheological approach including the differentiation between various chemical properties gives a fascinating insight into the soil processes and properties. ¼ (from Introduction)

Chapter I:  Soil Strength, Soil Deformation and Soil Regeneration

Chapter II: Soil Erosion Induced Degradation

Chapter III: Regional Soil Degradation Studies under Various Climatic

and Landuse Systems

U. Schwertmann, R.J. Rickson & K. Auerswald (Editors)

Soil Erosion Protection Measures in Europe 

ISBN 978-923381-16-6

list price DM 119,00, special rate 59.50 EUR

The aim of the 20 papers of this volume is to focus on protection measures against soil loss and offsite effects suitable for the wide range of soil and agricultural conditions in the various European countries.

P.D. Jungerius (Editor)

Soils and Geomorphology


ISBN 978-3-923381-05-0, US ISBN 1-59326-215-9

list price 61.00 EUR, special rate 30.50 EUR

In spite of the fact that landforms as well as soils are largely formed by the same environmental factors, geomorphology and pedology have different roots and have developed along different lines. Papers which truly emanate the two lines of thinking are therefore relative rare.

Christiaan Dirksen

Soil Physics Measurements 

GeoEcology paperback

ISBN 978-3-923381-43-2, US ISBN 1-59326-257-4

list price 35,00 EUR, special rate 17.50 EUR

There is a relative abundance of textbooks dealing with the theory and application of Soil Physics, but there are very few books that give detailed descriptions of soil physics measure­ments and step by step instructions for exercises that are suitable for teaching. This book is intended to help fill this gap for measurements related to water transport in unsaturated soil. 

This volume gives a representative cross section of the available types of methods.

The general pattern of the chapters consist of theory, review of available methods, selection of one or more methods, practical aspects, evalua­tion, and step by step instructions for exercises. They are written from the experimentalist´s point of view.

Students and professionals in soil science, hydrology, and other earth sciences with little knowledge of calculus should be able to under-stand the subject matter and carry out the exercises.

(from Preface)

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