Latest IUSS Update Available

27th March 2019

The latest IUSS Alert (Number 165) for March 2019 is now available here

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International Poster Contest ‘Soilutions’ to solve soil degradation problems

27th March 2019

The International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) is inviting anyone to "propose" in a poster your "Soilutions" to address soil problems in order to preserve this unique resource and life.

The ideas and proposals should represent the role of the soil as an essential natural resource to preserve the environment. IUSS will award 1,000 USD from the Stimulus Fund for the best ‘Soilutions’ poster and 500 USD each for the second and third best poster. 

Could you be the next Early Career Member Representative?

26th March 2019

The Society is looking for the next Early Career Members (ECR) Representative to take on the organising of the 2021 Early Career Researcher Conference and represent the views of ECR members on the Society Council.

Current ECR Rep Dan Evans announced at the recent ECR Conference that "the role has been the highlight of his career to date and was a wonderful opportunity to promote soil science to those at the beginning of their professional life"