Fungus growing? It’s a team sport

29th March 2018

Fungi are amazing. You know this but too many people across the UK do not. That’s why Grow Wild is giving away fungus kits this Spring to educate and enthuse people about the wonders of the fungi kingdom.

To get as many people as possible to engage with these kits, they’ve devised different team roles to reflect different phases of the fungi-growing process.

The team roles are: Chief Executive of Fungus Growing (the person who signs their team up), Fridge Monitor in Chief, Pasteurisation Executive, Director of Mycelium Dispersion and Vice-President of Fungal Hydration. Successful teams will be sent links to job descriptions for these roles, which make the connection between their kit and how fungi grow in the wild. For example, the Fridge Monitor in Chief is responsible for putting the fungus in the fridge which mimics the onset of Autumn and tells the fungus it is time to produce mushrooms.

These kits are ideal for indoors, for example schools, colleges and workplaces, and they’re even encouraging several teams in one place to get competitive about who grows the biggest mushroom! Find out more and sign up your team here

Fungi matters hugely to UK biodiversity and wildlife habitats, but it is often misunderstood and under-appreciated. Through these kits, Grow Wild will raise both understanding and the profile of fungi, as a fundamental part of the natural world we need to cherish and protect. They might even spur on a new generation of mycologists to help unlock the secrets of the fungi kingdom!