Relationship between EU membership and UK science inquiry

29th February 2016

The Committee is conducting an inquiry into the relationship between EU Membership and the effectiveness of science, research and innovation in the UK.

The UK's membership of the EU has wide ranging influence on the vitality of UK science, research and innovation.

Understanding this influence, however, is complex and multifaceted. Its exact nature is uncatalogued in a number of key areas and this inquiry aims to try and understand and characterise these interactions with particular regard to four major themes; funding, collaboration, regulation and scientific advice.

An Oral Evidence Session is taking place on Tuesday 1st March 2016 


(at 10:40 AM) 
Dr Mike Galsworthy, Scientists for EU
Professor Angus Dalgleish, Scientists for Britain
Mr Emran Mian, Director, Social Market Foundation
(at 11:40 AM) 
Professor Philippe Moreillon, Vice Rector, Research and International Relations, Lausanne University

You will be able to follow live updates on the session on 1st March 2016 here