Are you a budding Film Maker?

28th July 2015

Do you have an idea for a short film to report or inspire others on soils?

FAO is collaborating with TVE (Television for the Environment) on the tvebiomovies film competition. This year, the International Year of Soils will be a category in the Short Films Proposal competition.  Are you passionate about soils? Are you or your friends doing something to preserve soil? Do you have a story to tell?  Your film can be funny or serious, an animation, a drama or a documentary.

Submit your proposal and you could receive US$300 to help you make your film a reality!

The films will be uploaded to TVE's YouTube channel tveinspiringchange and the two films that receive the most views between 16 October and 18 December 2015 will each receive a US$1500 prize!

Submit your proposal, turn your ideas into a snappy one-minute video and start speaking out for soils! Some key questions and themes to think about are:

  • Soil is a precious and irreplaceable resource
  • How do soils sustain life?
  • What can people/society/your friends do to preserve soil?
  • Are you and your friends already doing something to preserve soil? Do you know someone who is? What are they doing?
  • Soils are under increasing pressure to satisfy the demands of a growing population: how can we reverse the trend of soil degradation while ensuring current and future global food security? 
  • Soils in the city

More details can be found here

Remember, you have until 23.00 GMT on 17 August 2015 to submit your proposal online