Highlights of post World Congress 2018 Excursion Tour

28th January 2019

The Brazilian pedology team led by Professor Carlos Schaefer, from UFV, have produced a video with highlights of the unforgettable post-congress excursion 9, which was part of the programme of the 21st World Congress of Soil Science (21WCSS).

The excursion covered about 1,450 km, beginning with the tectonic depression of Rio de Janeiro, passing through the mountainous highlands of Itatiaia (2700 meters), reaching the largest area of iron mining worldwide, the so-called Ironstone Quadrangle (Quadrilátero ferrífero).

After intense observations and discussions on benchmark soils, the field trip ended in EMBRAPA Research Station of Maize and Sorghum, in Sete Lagoas, where the participants had the opportunity to see how deep weathered Latosols are now cultivated using high technology, allowing high productivity.

The last part was a visit to the gorgeous limestone cave “Rei do Mato”, which shows remarkable Karst features. During the trip, Latosols developed from deep saprolites of shales, gneisses, limestones and itabirite were studied, across the dissected Brazilian highlands and the Brazilian Plateau, in the States of Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais.