Happy 70th Birthday "European Journal of Soil Science"

25th March 2019

The first issue of the "Journal of Soil Science" was published in March 1949.

70 years on, and with a name change to the "European Journal of Soil Science" in 1994, the journal has recently announced a new Editor in Chief Professor Jennifer Dungait.

To help us celebrate this impotant milestone we invite you to tell us about your favourite paper in EJSS from any time in the last 70 years and how it has inspired you. In return, our publishers at Wiley have offered to provide your selected paper as Open Access for a limited time, so you can share your inspiration with your colleagues.

Here is the current President of BSSS Prof Sacha Mooney’s selection;

Crawford, J.W., Matsui, N. & Young, I.M. 1995. The relation between the moisture‐release curve and the structure of soil. European Journal of Soil Science, 46, 369-375.

Published just as I started my PhD this was the first paper I recall to show how soil structural data obtained from thin sections (which I was in the process of learning how to make) could provide vital data to explain how soils function, in this case hydraulically. Back then this felt like an interdisciplinary paper to me and I still think it is amazing that a relative simple measure of soil structure can describe a relationship as important as the moisture-release curve.

I also like the last sentence which highlights the vision of the authors almost 25 years ago thinking about how X-ray CT could contribute to this area by stating “(CT) may eventually   prove   useful   in examining the interactions  between  structural,  microbial and chemical  processes,  at relevant  scales.” How right they were!

Please email details of your favourite EJSS paper, the reason it has inspired you, and a picture of yourself and your permission to Tweet (if appropriate) to the new Editor-in-Chief Professor Jenni Dungait editor.ejss@soils.org.uk