BSSS Member Professor Leo Condron awarded Doctor of Science

24th June 2016

Professor Leo Condron has been awarded a Doctor of Science from the University of Canterbury.The award recognises his extensive contribution to research on the biogeochemistry of phosphorus in soil-plant systems. 

Prof Condron, a graduate of the University of Glasgow and Canterbury University (Lincoln College) is Professor of Biogeochemistry at Lincoln University and Senior Research Scientist in the Bio-Protection Research Centre. He has spent 34 years researching phosphorus, a non-renewable resource that is key to determining ecosystem productivity. His work has improved understanding of the role and function of phosphorus in both natural and managed ecosystems. The award recognises his outstanding contribution to this field of research with more than 90 peer reviewed publications and an international network of collaborators.

During his career, Prof Condron has developed methods for measuring phosphorus levels and bioavailability in soils. He has also studied the impact of land management and land use change on soil phosphorus in New Zealand, and the effects of long-term forest development on soil phosphorus. More recently, his work on recovering and recycling existing phosphorus addresses a worldwide concern that finite reserves of non-renewable phosphate rock are being steadily exhausted as demand continues to increase. The Doctor of Science Degree is of a higher standing than either a Master’s degree or the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), and is awarded for work that makes an original, substantial and distinguished contribution to knowledge in a field with which the candidate is concerned.

The Degree is awarded for published work of an exceptional standard, containing innovative contributions to the advancement of knowledge and learning which has given the candidate international distinction in their chosen research field.