Request for help to investigate the effect of drought on UK soils

12th July 2018

BSSS Member Dr Emilia Urbanek is looking for your help.

I’m sure you have noticed we are currently experiencing very odd summer in the UK with soil getting extremely dry.
I’m very interested how severe the drought is across the UK soils so I’m calling all soil scientists for help in getting soil samples to me to measure soil moisture and soil water repellency.

Soil Scientist launches new career writing children’s books

12th July 2018

Former Liverpool-based university lecturer and BSSS Council Member Jennifer Jones knew she wouldn’t take to retirement easily.

As a self-confessed ‘do-er’ sitting back and relaxing just isn’t in her nature. However, the 69-year-old soil scientist has surprised even herself after a new interest in bird watching has led her to launch an entirely new career as an author of children’s literature.

Message from IUSS President Professor Rattan Lal July 2018

2nd July 2018

Please see the latest message from IUSS President Professor Rattan Lal with his views on the theme of “Drylands”. These ecosystems, comprising of rainfed and irrigated agricultural lands, are prone to changing and uncertain climate. The risks of degradation and desertification are aggravated by the demands of the growing and increasingly affluent human population.