Landform classification (Data available)

25th June 2015

The landform classification following Meybeck et al. (2001) presents relief classes, which are cal-culated based on the relief roughness. Roughness and elevation are classified based on a DEM according to static thresholds, with a given window size. The landform classification following Iwahashi and Pike (2007) present relief classes which are classified using an unsupervised nested-means algorithm and a three part geometric signature.

Soapbox Science 2015 - Swansea

9th June 2015

The Society was proud to sponsor Dr Emilia Urbanek for her participation in the Soapbox Science 2015 Event held in Swansea on Saturday 6th June.

Emilia's presentation “Soil carbon – we can’t afford to lose it” was supported with a number of props and even a soil cake.

The event was a big success drawing almost 800 visitors.