BSSS enters a team for International Field Course and Soil Judging Contest

2nd September 2015

The Society is co-sponsoring (with james Hutton Institute) a team of four students who are participating in the International Soil Judging Competition in Gödöllő, Hungary.

The team members are Richard Hewison, Luke Beesley, Rachel Erfrat and Kirsty Ross and the coach is Willie Towers.

The scope of the Soil Judging Contest is for participants to use their knowledge and practical skills to describe, understand and interpret soil characteristics in the field. Participants (in the form of teams and individuals) will describe a series of contest profiles using basic field tools, selected standards and guidelines. The winners will be selected on their ability to correctly describe each soil, evaluate potential soil functions and interpret their capacity to perform under different land use and management practices. To prepare for the event, a four day technical training course is offered.
This event follows the successful 1st International Soil Judging Contest that was held during the 20th World Congress of Soil Sciences in Jeju, Korea in June 2014.