BSSS Member on BBC Radio's Gardeners' Question Time

2nd November 2017
David Hogan leading a site visit to the Somerset levels earlier this year

BBC Radio's long running programme Gardeners' Question Time visited Exeter, United Kingdom recently and amongst the audience was BSSS member David Hogan who was also able to ask a question.

David commented "Last Monday I went to a live recording in Exeter of Radio 4's Gardeners' Question Time, and managed to get a question selected of the many submitted. Together with ten others, we were invited to come down to the front row of the theatre where we would ask our questions in turn. Mine was about advice on developing and maintaining soil structure in a kitchen garden and the answers broadly indicated as much organic matter and as little cultivation as possible. We were warned that not all questions would feature in the final programme due to constraints of time, balance and (I suppose) entertainment value.”

The good news is that David's question made the final broadcast version of the programme. The programme can be heard here and if you specfically want to hear David's question then you can find it around 22 minutes into the recording.