ECR Conference 2019 Highlights

23rd April 2019

The biennial conference for students and now early career members was held on 16th and 17th April 2019 at the University of Sheffield United Kingdom.

Over 75 delegates spent the two days at the conference sharing their research either in oral or poster presentations. They also had the chance to network with each other and participate in two workshops covering career opportunities and tips on how to prepare for your Viva.

Plants and microbes shape global biomes through local underground alliances

23rd April 2019

Researchers report that the distribution of forest types worldwide is based on the relationships plant species forged with soil microbes to enhance their uptake of nutrients. These symbioses could help scientists understand how ecosystems may shift as climate change alters the interplay between plants, microbes and soil.

Amazonian soils mapped using indicator species

23rd April 2019

Understanding the ecology and distributions of species in Amazonia is hampered by lack of information about environmental conditions, such as soils.

Plant occurrence data are typically more abundant than soil samples in poorly known areas, and researchers from Finland and Brazil have now developed a method that uses both plant and soil data to produce a map of soil properties.