P1903296: AHDB Research Call - SCEPTREplus Year 3: Third call for protocol proposals

19th March 2019

The aim of the project is to deliver applied research on high priority disease, pest and weed problems in fresh produce and ornamental crops in order to support approval of products and devise and develop IPM programmes.

The SCEPTREplus project covers all horticulture crops, both edible and non-edible, across the 6 panels (Field Vegetables, Soft Fruit, Tree Fruit, Protected Edibles and Mushrooms, Hardy Nursery Stock and Protected Ornamentals, Bulbs and Outdoor Flowers).  All panel priority documents (which can be found on the AHDB website) have crop protection as their highest priority and all levy payers are impacted to a certain degree.  Therefore this project should give benefit to all horticultural growers.

Closing date for applications mid-day 2nd April 2019

Full details can be found here