3 BSSS Members climb onto a Soapbox to share their love of Science

18th May 2015

The British Society of Soil Science is delighted to be sponsoring two of its members Dr Jack Hannam and Dr Emilia Urbanek to participate in "Soapbox Science" events. Jack will be on London's Southbank on Saturday 30th May and Emilia will be at the 360 Beach and Watersports Cafe in Swansea on 6th June 2015.

Also BSSS member Jasmine Black will be participating in the Newcastle event on Saturday 27th June 2015.

Soapbox Science is a novel public outreach platform for promoting women scientists and the science they do. The events transform public areas into an arena for public learning and scientific debate; they follow the format of London Hyde Park’s Speaker’s Corner, which is historically an arena for public debate. Soapbox Science wishes to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy, learn from, heckle, question, probe, interact with and be inspired by some of our leading scientists. No middle man, no powerpoint slide, no amphitheater – just remarkable women in science who are there to amaze you with their latest discoveries, and to answer the science questions you have been burning to ask.

This year, the year of the fifth anniversary, Soapbox Science's initiative is spreading even further, with events in London (30th Of May, SouthBank)Swansea (6th of June), Belfast (20th of June), Bristol (7th of June), Exeter (13th of June), Newcastle (27th of June) and Glasgow (7th of June).