2015 Annual Meeting - Call for Abstracts Now Open

18th May 2015

There is much to celebrate for Soil Science in the UK. We are beginning the path to the 2022 World Congress of Soil Science in Glasgow, which will be an excellent opportunity to highlight soils science research in the UK. New opportunities are underway such as the STARS Centre for Doctoral Training, the Global Food Security 'Soil and Rhizosphere Interactions for Sustainable Agri-ecosystems' (SARISA) programme and the Soil Security Programme, which will help us to grow multidisciplinary research that will lead to improved sustainability, productivity and management of the environment. With new technologies and increasing collaborations across disciplines, British soil science is at the dawn of a new era.

This is truly a reason to celebrate soil science research in the UK and around the World and you are invited to join the celebration during this one-day meeting on Thursday 26th November 2015 at The Royal College of Physicians, St Andrews Place, London, United Kingdom.

The Call for abstracts is now open and you are invited to submit your ideas for a presentation (indicating which you would prefer) on the attached document by no later than 5pm on Monday 3rd August 2015.

More details can be found here