Review of Participatory Land Use/Resource Planning Tools and Approaches

15th December 2016

The Land Resources Planning (LRP) Secreteriat, Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations are carrying out a survey in conjuction with their Land annd Water Division to review needs, required tools and processes at various scales, to help countries and stakeholders meet emerging challenges and competition over resources and support sustainable use of land and water resources and resilient ecosystems.

The main goal of the survey is to identify needs of different groups of users and practitioners in land resource planning. This will help in identifying main gaps and opportunities to develop a demand-driven participatory land resources planning toolkit to support stakeholders at all levels of the planning process.

As the survey is also targeted to land users/farmers, farmers’ organizations, government organizations and practitioners from different levels, we appreciate your assistance in forwarding the survey to representatives of these groups to fill out the survey. As such, we hope that we cover all stakeholders and move forward with a better understanding of the demands of various user groups.

If you have a little time (10 to 20 minutes) to complete the survey please click here