H2020 project GROW Observatory - questionnaire

14th November 2017

The Society recently received an email from Lucrezia Caon at the Global Soil Partnership asking for help with collecting data.

The GSP/FAO is partner in the H2020 project GROW Observatory, which focus is on the promotion of citizen observatories activities in Europe (e.g. data collection and participatory governance on environmental issues). FAO is especially in charge of leading the Observatory Policy Interface (OPI) aiming to:

  • Bring the results of the project to the attention of policy makers and relevant stakeholders (e.g. farmers group, extension services/advisory boards, etc.)
  • Contribute to promote participatory governance: bring the citizens into the policy making process and make sure that they are heard by policy makers
  • Ensure the sustainability of the project beyond 2019.

In order to set the work of the OPI, I would like to ask for your opinion on national and regional needs in terms of data collection, and the role of citizen observatories in policy making. In this regard, I would like to ask you and those you consider important to hear from in your network, to please complete the proposed questionnaire