Antonia Bruce "Heartland" at Art Jericho, Oxford, United Kingdom

13th May 2015

Surrounding the growing of corn, are the many rituals, offerings, music and dance that have evolved since man first cultivated crops. Antonia’s cyanotypes capture the corn cobs that tower above the farmers, moving like dancers, in the spirit of freedom.  Laid against heavy duty watercolour paper which she paints with a solution of iron compounds, the silhouettes of her subjects are developed in daylight, creating exquisite shadows on blue. This extraordinary body of work follows on from Antonia’s previous exhibitions of drawings of dancers and pinhole photography. Her chosen medium invariably embraces an element of film and movement.

Corn is the food staff of life, the ‘first food’ for many. The natural diversity of maize grown over thousands of years contributes to our treasured bio-diversity, and is an essential resource for mankind.  Debates over genetically modified foods raise issues and concerns for all. 

Antonia Bruce has been working on a cooperative exchange between UK and Mexican artists, responding to ‘First Foods’. In Mexico’s Heartland, ‘everyman’ has a perceived right to his own plot ‘La Milpa’ - to grow his own corn, beans and squash. Indeed, the expression Viva La Milpa! is core to Mexican culture. 

The Exhibition is open Wednesday to Sunday 12-6pm at Art Jericho until Sunday 31st May 2015.