MSDG Annual Workshop 2016

10th March 2016

The Midlands Soil Discussion Group held their Annual Meeting on Wednesday 9th March 2016 at Keele University.

The group also toured a commercial Anaerobic Digestion facility near Stafford in the morning.

26 delegates attended the meeting and heard presentations from Dr Fiona Nicholson (Benefits of biosolids to soil quality and fertility), Dr Tanja Radu (An overview of anaerobic digestion in UK), Dr Fotis Sgouridis (The effect of intensive vs. extensive grassland management on soil fertility and greenhouse gas emissions), Dr Anne Bhigal (Field experiments for quality digestate and compost in agriculture - DC Agri project), Dr Paul Gibbs (Digestate and Biosolids to Agricultural Land - an operational perspective) and Dr Ian Oliver (Anaerobic digestate and soil toxicity - lessons from biosolids research).