Help Spread the Science Word.....

10th February 2015

Soapbox Science is an annual public science communication event that brings cutting-edge science to the public, in an accessible, fun, free and un-intimidating way. Unlike other science events, a ‘Soapbox’ audience will not have necessarily planned to come and learn about science – rather, they happen across a bunch of world-class scientists as they stroll down the streets! Because of this, the event is unique among science outreach ventures, in that it has the potential to inspire people who never normally get exposed to science. Moreover, it is accessible to anyone, irrespective of education or financial means. Finally, there cannot be a more ‘green’ and sustainable way of disseminating science and engaging with the public: there are no expensive exhibits, constructions, pavilions, props or speaker fees; it is highly portable, reproducible, and flexible in its theme. Soapbox is a next-generation science event: it is a sustainable, cost-effective, non-discriminatory approach to bringing UK science to the people.

The Call for Speakers is open now and closes on 22nd February 2015

Further details can be found here