Hidden giants in forest soils

21st November 2018

A surprising wealth of novel giant viruses has been found in a soil ecosystem

Only a fraction of the microbes residing in, on and around soils have been identified through efforts to understand their contributions to global nutrient cycles. Soils are also home to countless viruses that can infect microbes, impacting their ability to regulate these global cycles. Giant virus genomes have been discovered for the first time in a forest soil ecosystem.

Dr Peter LeMare

20th November 2018

BSSS has been informed today of the passing of Dr Peter LeMare on 14th November 2018 (4 days before his 96th birthday).

Peter had been a member of the Society since 1947 making him one of the longest serving mebers.

We would like to extend our sympathies to his family and friends.

Update (22nd November 2018) A message has been received from Peter's family;

Could you be the next Editor in Chief - European Journal of Soil Science?

20th November 2018

The society is looking for a new Editor in Chief of the European Journal of Soil Science (EJSS).

EJSS is an international journal published by Wiley which aims to advance the fundamental understanding of the scientific principles involved in the many facets of soil science. It has ranked amongst the top rated soils journals for many years and provides an international forum for those undertaking innovative soil science research. The journal is published in six issues per year.