Latest IUSS Update Available

27th March 2019

The latest IUSS Alert (Number 165) for March 2019 is now available here

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International Poster Contest ‘Soilutions’ to solve soil degradation problems

27th March 2019

The International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) is inviting anyone to "propose" in a poster your "Soilutions" to address soil problems in order to preserve this unique resource and life.

The ideas and proposals should represent the role of the soil as an essential natural resource to preserve the environment. IUSS will award 1,000 USD from the Stimulus Fund for the best ‘Soilutions’ poster and 500 USD each for the second and third best poster. 

Dung beetles and soil bacteria reduce risk of human pathogens

20th March 2019

Food safety regulations increasingly pressure growers to remove hedgerows, ponds and other natural habitats from farms to keep out pathogen-carrying wildlife and livestock. Yet, this could come at the cost of biodiversity. New research encourages the presence of dung beetles and soil bacteria at farms as they naturally suppress E. coli and other harmful pathogens before spreading to humans.