Midlands Soil Discussion Group (MSDG)

The Midlands Soil Discussion Group (MSDG) was formed on 23rd November 2011 at Nottingham University.  Thanks to the efforts of Professor Sacha Mooney at Nottingham University for organising the inception of the MSDG.  The group has grown from strength to strength under the chairmanship of Dr Dr Barry Rawlins at the British Geological Survey (2012-2015) and since then has held annual meetings integrating latest soils science research with field excursions with an impetus on promoting the science and practice of soil science. Opportunities for the participation of graduate students including research presentations are also created in the annual meetings to help develop the skills of future soil scientists.

The midlands constitute diverse soils types under different land use types including improved and semi-improved grasslands, arable croplands, peatlands/heathlands, and forests.  The interest of the group is to help develop lasting collaboration among institutions and soil scientists for the promotion of soil science and integration of soil management practices across the different land use types in the region and beyond. If you are interested in joining or need further information, please, get in touch.

Group Chair: Dr Andrew Tye, British Geological Survey 

Group Secretary: Professor Mike Fullen, University of Wolverhampton

Group Treasurer: Dr Fiona Nicholson, ADAS, UK.