Meet the new ECR rep for SEESOIL : Emily Dowdeswell

Emily Dowdeswell is the new Early Career Member Representative for SEESOIL. Emily is a second-year PhD student at Cranfield University investigating the effects of climate change on soil erodibility. If you are an ECR in the South East Region please contact Emily- she would love to hear from you!

Emily’s hello to the SEESOIL ECRs:

Hello, I am happy to introduce myself as the Early Career Researchers’ Representative for SEESOIL! I am keen to get involved within the soils community and build connections across our region with you; fellow early career soil scientists. Being part of a community that is prepared to listen is the best way of building a support network, engaging with opportunities and of course, a great way to have fun!
It would be fantastic to hear from you, whether you are interested in the support we can offer, if you have ideas for potential events or training opportunities, or just to say hello; please don’t hesitate to drop me an email and get in touch!

As the SEESOIL ECR Representative I have three main aims;
1. Ensure there is a constant flow of information between the Society, our regional group and our membership.
2. Create a community of early career members across the region and build lasting connections.
3. Proactively develop ideas and opportunities to engage with our members and offer valuable training opportunities.

All the best & I hope to hear from you soon!

Emily :)

Twitter: @EDowdeswell