Greetings from new Chair NSN

Groups audience: 

Hi everyone,
Some of you will know that I have agreed to take over the role of Chair of the NSN from Peter Shanahan. I'm passionate about soil having taught and researched it for 30+ years. So, I accept the role with delight, but with a smidgen of trepidation. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Peter for the excellent work that he has done for the NSN. I hope that I can do as well as he did.

The NSN is OUR group, promoting and celebrating the soils and soil-related activities of northern England. I'd love to hear from you. What do you feel works well with the group? Would you like anything changing or anything new? What activities do you prefer eg. indoor or outoor meetings? This year the International Year of Soil is proving to be exciting and a real springboard as we move towards the World Congress of Soil 2022. Do let me know what you have all been doing.

I'm sure I'll be in touch again soon, but in the meantime please do contact me on with any comments, ideas etc.

Best wishes
Jenny (Jones)