Grant and Awards Committee

Prof Liz Baggs

Ordinary Council Member

Dr Paul Newell Price

Paul is an ADAS Senior Soil Scientist with over twenty years of experience of applied research and consultancy experience working on soils issues in the UK and overseas. Paul obtained his MSc in Soil Science from Reading University in 1992 and PhD in Soil Erosion and Conservation, including three years of field work in Southern Morocco, in 1996. This was followed by two years carrying out soil and agronomy applied research and consultancy for Chambers of Agriculture in northern France and seven years on soil survey, land reclamation and biosolids recycling with Land Research Associates, before joining ADAS in 2005. The focus of Paul’s work is now on applied research into policy-related soil and nutrient management issues, including soil structural condition in grasslands, the use of organic manures in agriculture and land restoration, and the interactions between agricultural production and soil and water protection. Paul is a Chartered Scientist, Member of the Institute of Professional Soil Scientists (IPSS), and a BASIS accredited trainer for the Fertiliser Advisers Certification and Training (FACTS) and Nutrient Management Planning qualifications.

Dr Matt Aitkenhead

Ordinary Council Member
Matt Aitkenhead is a soil scientist working at the James Hutton Institute and based in Aberdeen. He works on the monitoring of soil through remote (e.g. satellite) and proximal (e.g. mobile phone camera) sensing, and is particularly interested in the categorisation and characterisation of soils using models that integrate data from multiple sources. He also works on relating soil character to function and ecosystem services, and on the relationships between soil characteristics and their visual appearance.