Full (MI Soil Sci) Membership 2019

Full (MI Soil Sci) Membership 2019
Price: £56.00

Full (MI Soil Science) Membership costs just £56 per annum (Jan-Dec).

Reduced membership is open to members who are resident in countries classified as “low income” by the world bank, see here.

* Applicants for this level of membership are required to submit a recent CV to events@soils.org.uk to the Society Office for review by the Professional Practice Committee. Your application cannot be processed without this.

This membership is aimed at

  • scientists and other professionals with a track-record in soil science research or application
  • relevant expertise in any aspect of soil science and related disciplines
  • qualification is a recognised honours degree followed by a minimum of 5 years suitable professional experience
  • evidence of competencies, which can be from knowledge, training or experience
  • graduates with non-honours degrees or honours degrees in other subjects with non-soils bias but with subsequent soil experience may be eligible, but would normally be required to have gained at least 7 years suitable experience

This membership level entitles you to use the suffix M.I. Soil Sci. after your name

Full Membership applications are reviewed by the Professional Practice Committe on a monthly basis and we hope to inform you of their decision within 6 weeks of your initial application.


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