Soil - A non-renewable resource that we're throwing away

Event date: 
Monday, July 28, 2014
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Live Question and Answer Session Online
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A lot of people have an interest in soil, especially for growing crops, and in the microorganisms within it which take non-usable minerals and turn them into plant food. Decisions on how best to look after soil are provoking increasing debate. The EU Commission has withdrawn the Soil Framework Directive – which aimed to give soil the same protection as air and water. Farming bodies see this as a success against needless red tape and consider the current protection for soil to be sufficient. Others are more critical (see for example ”Farming lobby has wrecked efforts to defend our soil”).

What happens below the surface of a field has far reaching implications and alongside the soil protection debate the Plant Science Panel has also received questions on things like flood management strategies, improving crop yields and even microbes leading the next green revolution.

So, on Monday 28th July, we’re doing one of our live Q&As to consider all these issues. Our panel will be made up of Dr Robin Sen, Prof. Karl Ritz, Prof. Phil Haygarth and Dr Arwyn Jones: you can email, Tweet and Facebook live on the day or beforehand.

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