Society Annual Meeting 2014: Delving into the dark - emerging techniques, approaches and tools for soils research

Event date: 
Wednesday, September 3, 2014 to Thursday, September 4, 2014
Event venue: 
University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom
Event description: 

Research into soils has the continual challenge of working with a complex substance “in the dark” where we can rarely see how soils are functioning and responding to change but rather have to try and visualise what is happening below-ground.

It is timely to take a look at what new techniques, approaches and tools are available for researchers to tackle the new challenges in soils research.

We are interested in presentations about the development and application of entirely new approaches as well as the novel application of existing techniques.  You may be investigating soil biological, chemical or physical properties,  soil processes or soil functioning in its broadest sense.

We would like to hear how these techniques, approaches and tools could improve our understanding of soils and how we can use these to tackle the global challenges of more food, water and energy alongside habitat conservation and mounting soil degradation.

Abstract submission is now closed.  Further information or queries can be sent to the Event Coordinator.

The Keynote speaker this year is;

Dr Jennifer Pett-Ridge - ‘Mapping Soil Carbon from Cradle to Grave: C Transformations from Plant Roots to Microbes to Mineral Surfaces’

Our group’s research uses geochemical characterization, molecular microbiology, isotope tracing, metabolomics and novel imaging approaches (‘ChipSIP’ and ‘STXM-SIMS’) to trace the fate of isotopically labelled root exudates and plant tissues and investigate how roots influence decomposition of soil organic matter. Using this approach, our work suggests that root exudates drive O2 limitation, alter metal chemistry and mineralogy, and influence the availability of SOM while microbial communities involved in litter decomposition differ between the rhizosphere and bulk soils with implications for carbon stabilization in soil.

We are also pleased to announce that Brendan Roth from Defra will be presenting an update on policy and R&D.

This meeting qualifies for 6 BASIS points.

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