European Journal of Soil Science

Professor Jenni Dungait - Editor in Chief

The European Journal of Soil Science (EJSS) is one of two journals published in partnership with Wiley-Blackwell by the British Society of Soil Science.

The Journal of Soil Science was first published in 1950 and this became the European Journal of Soil Science in 1994. Just over 100 papers are published annually in its six editions. The current Editor-in-Chief is Professor Margaret Oliver.

  • The average time taken for a first decision on a paper from the date of submission is 40 days.
  • The EJSS features papers on chemical, physical and biological processes and their interactions with the environment, novel methods, pedometrics, proximal sensing and so on.
  • The Journal has a high impact factor of 2.644 and the editorial team is constantly trying to improve this. The five-year impact factor is 3.398
  • We encourage the submission of novel and innovative research, and our scope is to be broadened to include the link between soil and human health, ecosystem services and new methods in microbiology.
  • There are over 147,000 downloads a year and the Journal is available at more than 4,400 institutions worldwide and more than 2,800 developing world institutions through philanthropic initiatives.
  • Many authors of EJSS comment about their positive experiences in the handling of their papers through the system, which encourages further submissions from their Institutes.

For more detail on EJSS and how to submit a paper for inclusion, click here