Eligibility Information

Detailed below are the levels of membership that the Society offers. If you are unsure which is the best option for you please contact us

Early Career Membership: (£31 per annum Jan - Dec). Early Career Membership is open to all registered students of soil science and its allied disciplines. Open to all registered students of soil science and its allied disciplines* plus graduates with a recognised honours degree in soil science or related scientific subjects* but with less than 5 years professional experience. Early Career members will be working towards Full membership by gaining knowledge and experience in relevant disciplines through on-going professional training and development or studying for a Post Graduate degree. You will need to supply BSSS with your first qualification graduation date to enter this category for the maximum five year period.   

Proof of status must be provided on application. This should be either a scanned copy of your student card or a copy of your student admissions letter. Both must clearly show the expected expiry date of your course.  If you are a graduate we need a copy of your Graduation Certificate or an official letter showing the date and subject of your Graduation.

Full (MI Soil Sci) Membership: (£56 per annum Jan - Dec). Reduced membership is open to members who are resident in countries classified as “low income” by the world bank, see here.  

This membership is relevant for;

  • Scientists and other professionals with a track-record in soil science research or application
  • relevant expertise in any aspect of soil science and related disciplines
  • qualification is a recognised honours degree followed by a minimum of 5 years suitable professional experience
  • evidence of competencies, which can be from knowledge, training or experience
  • Graduates with non-honours degrees or honours degrees in other subjects with non-soils bias but with subsequent soil experience may be eligible, but would normally be required to have gained at least 5 years suitable experience

This membership level entitles you to use the suffix M.I. Soil Sci. after your name.  

Proof of eligibility must be provided on application. This should be a recent CV though additional documentation may also be provided. 

Technical Member: (£36 per annum Jan - Dec): Technical membership is open to skilled and experienced administrative staff engaged in soil science research, government, NGO and commercial activities but who are not eligible for Full Membership. Please note this level of membership does not entitle the member to use a suffix. 

Proof of eligibility must be provided on application. This should be a recent CV though additional documentation may also be provided. 

Associate Member: (£31 per annum Jan - Dec): The category of Associate Member is primarily intended for anyone with an interest in Soil Science or anyone who does not meet the Full Membership criteria yet. Please note this level of membership does not entitle the member to use a suffix.

Chartered Scientist: (£75 per annum Jan - Dec): This is only available to Full or Fellow Members of the Society. 

Fellow: (£76.50 per annum Jan-Dec) The Professional Practice Committee may recommend the award of Fellow status to members who have achieved an important level of responsibility and professional experience and have become recognised nationally/internationally within the profession. The Fellow retains Full Member status. Fellows of the Institute are entitled to use the suffix F.I. Soil Sci. after their name.

Retired Status: (no annual fee) This is offered personally to individuals who have been a long serving Member of the Society, no longer employed but who still have an interest in keeping in contact with the Society.

Honorary Membership: (no annual fee) This is a discretionary award made by the Society to persons who have been a Full Member of the Society for at least 10 preceding consecutive years and/ or who have made an exceptional contribution to the objects of the Society.