Early Career Members

Early Career Members

Early Careers Representative: Dan Evans


This forum is a platform for student members to communicate within the early career member community. We hope this will form an open dialogue between student members, enhancing communication and creating an opportunity to celebrate the hard work of the student cohort. So, please feel free to post your soil related interests/publications/conference attendance/grants awarded/ events/advice etc. We look forward to reading them!

Your ideas and help are always welcome- we would like to know how you think the society should evolve for students or if you would like to get involved please comment here or contact Dan directly.  

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The Brian Chambers International Award for early career researchers in crop nutrition

Organised by the International Fertiliser Society, a new award scheme for researchers working at the M.Sc or Ph.D levels, or equivalent, who can demonstrate how their work will provide practical benefits to farm crop nutrition.

The inaugeral Brian Chambers award, organised and funded by the IFS, occurred in 2015 (information about the 2015 entrants and winners), with a cash prize of £1,000 for the winner, plus £500 each for two runners-up. 

Student Representative Vote 2015

Last Chance to Elect the new Student Representative - Voting closes on Friday 23rd October 2015

We have two nominees to take over the Student Representative position from Conor Murphy effective 1st January 2016.

Please check your email for your invitation to vote in the poll. If you have not received an invitation and are a paid up registered member then please conatct Ian Brown


Upcoming SEESOIL event

SEESOIL are holding their upcoming autumn event at the Alice Holt Forest Research Station this September 9th with a focus on 'Soil Resilience under Global Change'. Early Career Researcher's and students are greatly encouraged to attend as it will feature a morning of talks on current research into soil resilience, along with a tour of the facilities at Alice Holt in the afternoon. Don't forget to register for the free lunch!